This tour is suitable for children of age 6 and up.
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This tour is suitable for children of age 6 and up.
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one shoe Tai Po historical tour

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This tour is suitable for children of age 6 and up.

Tai Po, a not so new town. Now home to some 250,000 people, this used to be a small market town and major economical and political centre of the New Territories. This tour will take you to some of the remaining historical sights of Tai Po, and based on these places tell you the rich history of the area.

Besides telling you about the history of this place, you'll also get to see modern day life in this lively town, and how some things simply haven't changed a bit.

Tai Po Tin Hau Temple.

The oldest urban history: the Tin Hau temple, originally constructed before 1691.

Former Tai Po Police Office, now Greenhub.

The first police office of the New Territories, built in 1899 on top of a hill in Tai Po.

Tai Po Market Station, railway museum.

The former KCR Tai Po Market station, constructed 1913, now the railway museum.

Sea arch at Jin Island

Fu Shin Street, a street market for well over a century now, and still going strong.


  • 14:00 departure from Tai Po Market MTR station.
  • Colonial history of Tai Po.
  • Construction of the New Town.
  • Tai Po Old Market and the Tin Hau Temple.
  • Tai Wo Market and the Man Mo Temple.
  • Modern day Tai Po: Tai Po Hui Market and Tai Ming Lane Square.
  • About 17:30 finish at King's Belly (British style pub) for a nice cold beer and some fish&chips (optional - or back to Tai Po Market MTR).

Fee per person: HKD 150, children 3-12 HKD 110.