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two shoes Soko Islands visit

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Sun 16 Dec '18, 09:30 (full)


This tour is suitable for children of age 6 and up.

Join us to visit the Soko Islands: a group of rocky outcrops and two larger islands just south of Lantau.

This is a junk trip but not a party junk. This tour will not have loud music, banana boating or water skiing. Instead it's a relaxed two-hour trip passing by some excellent scenery.

Tin Hau temple at South Soko

These islands are currently uninhabited, but signs of human occupation are visible all over the place. Temples, ruins of houses, even a nicely decorated fountain. Now a desolate place, cut off from civilisation. The islands are visited by fishermen to pray to the sea goddess Tin Hau, day trippers to enjoy the unspoilt beaches, and occasionally the Hong Kong police force for riot training.

Dried up fountain

Until the late 1970s both North Soko and South Soko were home to farming families, numbering a couple dozen at most. These people eked together a living growing crops, fishing in the surrounding seas and rearing a few pigs. These villages are now abandoned.

Overgrown structure - a public toilet

Later, in the 1990s, South Soko became a refugee camp, housing mostly Vietnamese boat refugees, awaiting processing and receiving a formal status in Hong Kong. These camps have subsequently been demolished and only the foundations are left.

Foundations of the refugee camp

North Soko is the smaller of the two, but has the nicer beaches. It's a dumbbell shaped islands with beaches on both sides. A small temple and some ruins can be found on this island.

The beach at North Soko

To get there, we'll be using a wooden junk. This boat has basic facilities such as seats and a toilet but no changing rooms or shower. A limited supply of soft drinks, beers and some snacks is included - do bring your own lunch and water bottle, there is nothing available along the way.

Landing at South Soko is no problem, but the boat can't reach the pier of North Soko as the water is too shallow. To get onto that island, you have to swim a short distance to get to the beach.

Wooden junk


  • 9:30-9:45 meet at Central Pier 9, about 9:45 start boarding.
  • 10:00 departure: cruise through Victoria Harbour, along Cheung Chau and Lantau.
  • About 12:00 arrive at South Soko - tour of the island.
  • Back on board - cross over to North Soko, the smaller of the two.
  • About 16:00 departure from the Sokos, heading back to Central, arrive there about 18:00.

The walk on South Soko is mostly paved roads; some small elevation differences. To get on North Soko a short swim is required.

Fee for this tour: HKD 390 per person, HKD 350 children 3-12, including some refreshments on board.

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