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one shoe Sharp Island - snorkelling in the geopark.

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This tour is suitable for children of age 6 and up.

Note: to join this tour, you must be able to swim 50 meters (150 ft) unaided.

Sharp Island is well known with the locals for having two great beaches: Kiu Tsui beach at the northern end, and Hap Mun Beach at the southern end. It is also known for its interesting geology, near Kiu Tsui Beach one can find a large tombolo (natural land bridge, flooded when the tide is high), and the peculiar pineapple bun rocks. In Hong Kong, these rocks are only found at this location.

Sharp Island and the tombolo

What is lesser known, is that this island is also home to a large coral colony, just south of the tombolo. The sea bottom is rocky, with many large rocks, providing lots of places for corals to attach to and grow. Some corals have long polyps, that wave in the ocean currents.

On the north side of the tombolo the sea bottom is more sandy, with occasional rocks. A few corals can be seen here, but also lots of fish, crustaceans and other sea animals that prefer a sandy bottom.

Corals and sea urchin at Sharp Island

This place is great for snorkelling, as the interesting areas are very close to the shore and the waters are very calm as it is very sheltered with many other islands blocking the ocean waves from coming through.



  • 10:00/11:00/14:00 (check your schedule) meet at the entrance of Sai Kung New Public Pier (nrs. 5, 6, 7, 8).
  • Sampan ferry to Sharp Island, Kiu Tsui Beach (about 10 mins - included).
  • Get changed.
  • Get in the water for some snorkelling! (main activity: about 2-2 1/2 hours)
  • By ferry back to Sai Kung.

There are public showers and changing rooms available at the nearby Kiu Tsui Beach.

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