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one shoe Hoi Ha - marine park and snorkeling

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This tour is suitable for children of age 6 and up.

Note: to join this tour, you must be able to swim 50 meters (150 ft) unaided. As we'll start swimming from the kayak, you must be confident to jump straight into deep water.

Hoi Ha Wan is one of Hong Kong's four marine parks. A sheltered bay, lined with flowing wooded hills, it is known for its crystal clear waters and abundant corals and other sea life. Nearby the village, historical artefacts such as the remains of a lime kiln can be found.

Kayaking in Hoi Ha Wan

This tour will show you the best of Hoi Ha Wan's corals. There are total 84 different species of coral in Hong Kong, most of which can be found at Hoi Ha - a variety rarely seen in the world, let alone in such a small space. The number of different corals in Hong Kong is greater than that in the Maldives, or the whole of the Great Barrier Reef. Other than corals, there is a rich sea life which includes fish, crabs, lobsters, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and even seahorses have been spotted here.

Corals and fish in Hoi Ha Wan

There are several coral colonies in Hoi Ha Wan, one of the best is located about 20 minutes kayaking off the shore. This is where we will be heading. There are several mooring buoys where we can tie our kayaks to before sliding into the clear, warm waters to have a look at the wondrous underwater world, a world that normally remains hidden to us.

Corals and sponges in Hoi Ha Wan


  • 9:30 meet at University MTR station.
  • Taxi to Hoi Ha village (about 40 mins - included).
  • Walk to the waterfront to collect our kayaks and get changed.
  • Paddle out to the coral colonies for snorkelling! (main activity: about 3 hours total)
  • At the end of the tour, take minibus back to Sai Kung town.

There are simple showers and changing rooms available at the beach.

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