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How to join

Joining a tour is simple. Have a look at our tour schedule, select the tour you're interested in, click "book now", fill in the form and make payment: either by PayPal, credit card or local bank transfer.


Having fun in the water

But before you join, please do read this page and the description of the tour you wish to join carefully. The tours have vastly different levels of physical activity, ranging from a relaxed boat tour to long hikes. Make sure you are physically fit to join the activity as described, and that you possess the skills required, such as being able to swim.

All these tours have a difficulty rating, as described in more detail below. This difficulty is just a general indication on the difficulty of the tour, and is no replacement for reading the description.

What to bring

Water. Hong Kong's climate is hot and humid in summer, cool in winter. This means especially in summer that you have to drink lots of water.


Lunch at Fuk Lee restaurant

Food. For short adventures you may want to bring a little snack, full day tours often include a stop at a restaurant for lunch but for some you will have to bring your own. Check the itinerary or contact me for details if in doubt.

Sun protection such as a wide-rimmed hat and sunscreen. The sun is hot, and many mountains only have low shrubs and grasses so a hiker is highly exposed to the sun. In case of water based activities exposure is usually even greater due to the reflection on the water. Bring a t-shirt or so to wear when swimming to prevent your back from burning.

Anti-mosquito spray. The little buggers are active year round, and may hang out where you least expect them, waiting to make you into an easy meal.

Difficulty rating.

The listed hikes are rated at a difficulty of 1-5, with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest. This difficulty rating is based on a mix of terrain and length. These ratings are an indication only, do read the description for more detail on the terrain and length of the hike.

one shoe

The easiest: little to no elevation changes and easy, well paved paths.

two shoes

Easy going terrain, well maintained paths, expect some elevation changes but mostly stepless.

three shoes

Moderate difficulty. Terrain may be steep, or the hike may be long. May include steep elevation changes with many steps up and down.

four shoes

Challenging. Steep and large elevation changes, long hikes over generally good but not always well maintained paths. Terrain may be rough and require the use of hands and feet.

five shoes

A serious challenge. Rough terrain, unmaintained trails, water, bushwhacking, long strenuous walks may all be part of the challenge. For experienced hikers only.



Bringing the kids

Children are welcome to join, but do know the ability of your child. For all tours a recommended minimum age is given, some are suitable for all ages. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, preferably a parent.

Certain tours are particularly suited for children. Some have a special fee for children under 12, just indicate the number of adults and children while booking. Children under 3 can join for free, but note that none of these tours are stroller friendly so you may have to bring a carrier for your child.