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three shoes War Monkeys

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This tour is suitable for children of age 6 and up.

This tour will take a look at some wartime heritage and Hong Kong's cheeky monkeys.

In the run-up to the second world war, the British built a line of defensive positions north of Kowloon, the Gin Drinker's Line. At Shing Mun, the weakest point of this line, a redoubt was built: a network of tunnels and trenches connecting several pillboxes and observation posts. While the pillboxes were simply numbered, the tunnels had names such as "Regent Street" and "Shaftesbury Avenue".

tunnel entrances

Despite all these efforts, a surprise attack by the Japanese forces on 9 December 1941 quickly breached this line. Expecting an attack over sea rather than over land, the redoubt was undermanned, and the men that were there were weakened by malaria. Not much fighting took place here, and most of the position survived intact, to this day. As it has been left unmaintained since the war, some of the tunnels are inaccessible as they are filled with mud. Other tunnels however are in excellent condition. Most of the pillboxes however were blown up after the war, as they had become obsolete.

artillery observation post

After exploring these tunnels, we continue the walk following the MacLehose Trail towards Kam Shan Country Park, the main monkey area. On the way you'll be treated to some great city views overlooking the high-rises of Kwai Chung and the container port as we make our way to Kam Shan.

monkeys on the road

At Kam Shan you'll be met by dozens if not hundreds of macaques. The most common species is the rhesus macaque, with the longtail macaque a good second in numbers. More rare is the golden macaque, a hybrid of the two other species. These monkeys are not afraid of people, and while they can act aggressive actual attacks on people are extremely rare, just keep your food hidden from them.

grooming monkeys

Finally we walk between the beautiful and remarkably straight Kowloon Reservoir and Byewash Reservoir to Tai Po Road, from where you may take a bus to a.o. Sha Tin MTR station or Prince Edward MTR station.

Kowloon Reservoir and its dam


  • 10:00 meet at Tsuen Wan MTR station, exit C.
  • Take minibus or taxi to Pineapple Dam, at Shing Mun Reservoir (green map marker).
  • Visit the Shing Mun Country Park Visitors Centre.
  • Hike to the Shing Mun Redoubt, explore the tunnels (map marker 1).
  • Hike along the MacLehose Trail towards Kam Shan to see the monkeys (map marker 2).
  • See the reservoirs and the dam (map marker 3).
  • Finish at Tai Po Road - Piper Hill (red map marker).

This is a mostly easy going walk of about 6.5 km, with about 200 meters of height difference.

From the end point you may catch KMB bus 72 (towards Tai Wo or Cheung Sha Wan) or 81 (towards Sha Tin with stop at Sha Tin MTR, or Jordan with stop at Prince Edward MTR).

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