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two shoes Sai Kung geopark: hexagonal columns, caves and arches.

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This tour is suitable for children of age 6 and up.

This is a day tour showcasing some of the best sights of the Hong Kong Global Geopark of China, including the hexagonal columns, a beautiful beach, sea caves, sea arches and more.

Sea cave and Po Pin Chau at East Dam

From University MTR station we take taxi to East Dam of High Island Reservoir (green map marker), one of the best exposures of the famous hexagonal rock columns, to appreciate the columns and learn about the processes that formed these landscapes. We will also visit a nearby sea cave (map marker 1), now cut off from the sea (note: until June 2016 the cave is not accessible due to construction of a boardwalk, and can only be seen from a distance).

Pak Lap Wan and beach

From East Dam we walk to Pak Lap, a secluded village with a beautiful sandy beach. From there it's a short stretch over a rocky trail to reach Mok Min Cave (map marker 3), a sea arch which is accessible at low tide.

Mok Min Cave, sea arch

Back to Pak Lap, and another half an hour walk further is Sha Kiu (map marker 4) where we may have lunch at a local seafood restaurant.

Yau Ley Restaurant, Sha Kiu

After lunch a traditional wooden sampan will pick us up for a tour passing by Jin Island (map marker 5), then stopping at Sharp Island (map marker 7, famous for it's rocky tombolo, the pineapple bun rock and great variety of mostly volcanic rocks) before returning us to Sai Kung.


This tour includes about three hours of walking, the first part over a road, the rest is mostly well paved and maintained footpaths. Part is over rocky trails. Total about 7.5 km walk.


  • 9:00 take taxi from University MTR station (East Rail Line) to starting point of the tour: East Dam of High Island Reservoir.
  • Walk along the hexagonal columns, see the sea cave.
  • About 10:00 start walk, half hour along the road, after that footpaths.
  • Walk via Pak Lap to Mok Min Cave, a sea arch (can be entered at low tide).
  • Back to Pak Lap, on to Sha Kiu. Time permitting: visit the Tin Hau temple before sitting down for lunch.
  • About 13:30 lunch.
  • 15:00 pick up by sampan: Jin Island (see the sea arch), Sharp Island (tombolo, large variety of rocks).
  • About 17:00 return to Sai Kung.

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