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two shoes Red leaves & waterfalls

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This tour is suitable for children of age 6 and up.

When autumn is coming to an end, and winter is arriving, nature changes with it. Every season has its specialities, and one of the unique features of this time of the year is the wonderful red leaves of the sweet gum tree, which looks like but is not related to the Canadian maple tree. One of Hong Kong's few native deciduous trees, it does not readily drop its leaves, instead they just turn in all shades of red, putting up a colour spectacular for us. Only when spring arrives the red leaves will drop, to make place for a fresh set of foliage.

Sweet gum trees

The most famous place to go see these trees is no doubt Tai Tong in Yuen Long, where a really large number has been planted along the roads, though there are many more places where these trees can be admired - without having to deal with huge crowds. Plover Cove Country Park, amongst others the area around the Bride's Pool, is one of them. As an extra bonus, this area has much more to see: old villages, rivers, woodlands, open areas, waterfalls. This all makes for a really varied natural environment, which is why it's my destination of choice to go and see the sweet gum trees in all their autumn glory.

This tour is as varied as the surrounding areas. From roads to old village trails, concreted footpaths to a riverbed, and a short but very steep ascend on all fours. It is not exceptionally hard, just a nice little challenge.


  • 10:30 meet at Tai Po Market MTR station.
  • 10:40 minibus to Bride's Pool.
  • Visit Bride's Pool waterfall.
  • Visit Mirror Pool waterfall and Mirror Pool.
  • Kau Tam Tso and the nearby big sweet gum trees.
  • Wu Kau Tang.
  • 14:15 Minibus or taxi back to Tai Po Market MTR station (return about 14:45).

Total about 2 1/2 hours walk, including a little stream trek and a very steep ascend between Mirror Pool waterfall and Mirror Pool.

Fee for this tour: HKD 130 per person, HKD 90 children 3-12. Excluding transport between Tai Po Market Station and Wu Kau Tang (minibus fare $9.7)

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