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Hiking resources

Be prepared when you go out hiking! Hong Kong's weather is cool and dry in winter, but hot and humid in summer. Both seasons are fine for hiking, as long as you prepare well.

At all times: wear a wide rimmed hat, as also in cool winters the sun can be really strong. Sunscreen is also recommended. Consider bringing sunglasses.

Wear light, comfortable clothes. Make sure you wear long pants, as many trails are overgrown and you need to protect your legs from the rough scrubs. In winter, bring a light jumper to wear when you have a break: wind chill can easily make you sick.


When hiking, always bring a map. The government produces the countryside maps, which show all hiking trails. But beware, it is often hard to tell from this map how easy going a trail is, and not all trails mapped are still there. Some are so overgrown they have disappeared entirely.

If you prefer electronic maps, DO NOT USE GOOGLE MAPS. No kidding. Google Maps are great for city navigation, but fail terribly for countryside navigation. Many trails mapped do not exist, and many existing trails are not there. Instead, you are recommended to use OpenStreetMap for your hike planning, and yournavigation for hiking route planning. The latter site allows you to download an xml file of your route.

Users of an Android phone I recommend to use Locus Maps. Recent off-line maps with elevation information are available from this site, download Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta maps here. Copy the file to your phone, place them in the /Locus/MapsVector/ directory on your sdcard, and you can use them in Locus. Additional themes (if the built-in theme doesn't show the contour lines) can be downloaded here. These maps are based on OpenStreetMap data and are updated every Friday (data of a few days earlier due to upstream processing).

Other resources

Use this public transport planner to get to the starting point of your hike, and for advice on how to get back home.

For additional safety you may consider the Enjoy Hiking app, which will relay your GPS coordinates to the government, so in case of an emergency they know where to find you. Note: this uses mobile data.

If you plan to use ferry or kaito services, make sure to check the schedule before you go, or get the Hong Kong Ferry HD app for Android phones.

Before you go, always check the weather, and postpone your hike if bad weather is predicted. Flash floods occur regularly in summer, and almost every year people die because of them.